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Foshan City Teng Hui Boiler Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional design, production, installation of boilers and pressure vessels, pressure pipes and other mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., ltd.

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Guangdong Province, Nanhai District of Guicheng city Foshan stack Kau road Tau Industrial Area

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Job Offers
Job Offers

Website maintenance staff

Position: Website maintenance staff
Number of people: 1
Requirements: 1. At least half a year of experience in web editing 2. Familiar with photoshop software; 3. Understanding of the principles of seo 4. Patient understanding
Job Offers

Foreign trade clerk

Position: Foreign trade salesman
Number of people: 1-2
Requirements: Foreign trade salesman, English International Trade and related majors. Familiar with foreign business market, can actively expand overseas markets.
Job Offers

office worker

Position: Office staff
Number of people: 1-2
Requirements: Familiar with office software word and excel, work carefully and diligently, male or female, salary negotiable
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